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CPH is a private, independent language and cross-cultural school organized and administered by a staff of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in designing and implementing training programs.Our school has been in the forefront of language instruction, responsible for training 5,000 Peace Corps Volunteers, university students, businessmen and women and others to live and work throughout Latin America for over 25 years. The founders of CPH dedicate their many years of expertise and excellence to your learning experience.

We are committed to helping each student reach the highest possible communication proficiency in Spanish. To reach this goal, we employ eclectic teaching approaches, drawing from the best available curriculum models and methodologies. Our language program goes beyond teaching isolated language skills: we integrate language skill development into cultural and work-related situations. We rely on experiential learning, constant opportunities for interaction, and rigorous situational reinforcement. From the first hour, you will have new language skills to use in the classroom and beyond.

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CPH Language and Cross-Cultural School
Apartado 25-6150
Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Tel/Fax: (506) 282-9920
In USA Toll Free 1-888-233-1638
E-mail: info@spanishincostarica.com